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Studio Minerva

The Marche region of Italy was hit by devastating earthquakes in 2016 and 2017, causing significant damage to the environment and human lives. To aid the affected communities, Vertumnus, a brand specialising in olive sales, was established. Named after the Roman god associated with plant growth and change, Vertumnus' core principles align with its name.

More than just a packaging identity, Vertumnus aims to bring community members and farmers affected by the earthquakes to the stage, by highlighting slices of their life featured over every deliverable by featuring personal touches and fun illustrations of their lifestyle.

Packaging for Six Small Jars
Single Small Jar Packaging
Personalised Postcard 
Personalised Note after Purchase
Business Cards
Social Media Reels
Social Media Page
Social Media Feed
Video Walkthrough of Website used to Sell Farmer Produce
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